My name is Thijs de Bont and these are my amps!

Bass player since the nineties, background in electronics, maker by heart, audio enthusiast and love for design. These traits eventually had to merge. And so they did, in the form of tube amplifiers for bass guitar.

For the past decade, I’ve been hard at work building and designing what I believe are the ultimate tube amps. For me, It’s all about bass guitar amplification. Doing right by the instrument. Putting it in the audible spotlights. And all this through the use of valves, hollow state, vacuum tubes or whatever name suits you best. Why tubes? The ‘tube’ has been around for more than a century and up until this day delivers an unsurpassed tone and musicality for instrument amplification. That’s why many players today, me included, still prefer the sound of a tube amp over any given solid state equivalent.

I’ve always loved the combination of the old and new. Including subjects like architecture, product design, electronics, and is especially true for musical instrumentation. Old and new together can compliment each other with such beauty and have the potential to create something that’s bigger than the sum of its parts. That’s exactly what defines a deBont bass amp. It combines the magnificent sound of the classic tube with the comforts of modern technology. Tube amps reinvented.

I invite you to check out the different amps to find out what sets them apart from other bass amplifiers. Do not hesitate to contact me might any questions arise.

Thijs de Bont
deBont Amps


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