vidur + detti 300


Special set price when combining the:

comes with

  • Y-power cord
  • XLR balanced interconnect
  • rack ears for both amps (19″ enclosure mounting)
  • your prefered brand of tubes for the vidur preamp
    (please read below)
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The amplifiers are build to order. You’ll receive regular updates during the manufacturing process. This proces starts immediately after payment is fulfilled. Please contact me for actual delivery times.

Choose your tubes (vidur only)
Different tubes have different sonic signatures. Although subtle, this give you the opportunity to finetune your sound to taste. There’s a standard choice between two brands during checkout, although I’m always open to specific requests:

  • Tung-Sol (re-issue): warm, big, open  and musical
  • JJ Electronics: warm, more upfront, bit darker, solid tone

Both tubes are high quality, have very low microphonics and have been tested thoroughly. Prefer you’re own brand? Please contact me, so we can figure something out.

The wood used on my amps is actual walnut, which a natural product. Color and grain will vary between models. When bought as a pre/poweramp set, I will do my best to match the wooden panels.


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